Facts on Solar Energy

There are so many countries looking for new sources of electricity. Solar panel can be a great source of electricity and meet the demand of the increasing population.

Sun is the most powerful source of energy. The sun is able to provide us with excessive amounts of solar power more than we ever need...

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Does Solar Power Really Makes Sense for My Home?

Green remodeling might be the popular thing lately, and the Economic Recovery Act is certainly supplying excellent incentives to home owners who modernize to energy efficient heating and cooling options, but will ï solar power really make sense for my home? How can I know?

Everything I have heard about solar power is that it is really expensive to install.

There are sev...

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How a Solar Panel Functions

Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical power. The main part of the solar panel is the solar cell, which is often called the photo-voltaic cell. Solar cells are arranged in a grid-like pattern and placed on the solar panel. The purpose of these cells is to collect light from the sun during the day. Built-up sunlight is then converted into electricity.

How Are Sun power pa...

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Understanding How Solar Power Works

Solar power is energy from the sun. You feel it every day when the sun shines. That giant star in our solar system provides heat and light for the earth. But, what is going on when people decide to use solar power for their homes?

It all starts with the sun’s rays. The sun bombards the earth with solar radiation. We know it as UVA and UVB radiation...

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