Solar-energy is an endless source of high efficiency power. Solar cells are long lasting and can provide you with free energy for a very long time after set up properly. The guides and how to plans we are testing for you have detailed instruction on how to build solar panel and how to make a solar panel lasting for long enough to provide you with solar energy.

Besides the money saving aspect, the advantages solar power are obviously that they don´t harm the environment. You can do your part in saving the environment and save a lot of money if you make high efficiency solar cells at home for a few hundred dollar and use the to run your house on sun power solar technique with solar-energy.

We are non attached to any of the companies or products we are reviewing or recommending. Still if you decide to go with one of the products, fell free to start the contact through our site so at least we get credit for our work. We have reviewed a lot of material before we found the right one to go with.

One problem most of these products have is that they kind of promise you, that you can build self made solar panels without any work. That is not true ! How ever these guides are still very well explained so that even a non technical person can build a Solar panel if they follow the instructions step by step.

Still I want to clearly point out that it will take your time and you will have to build it yourself in the end. The e-book is not building it for you, it just shows you How to. There are a lot of differences between these guide´s when it comes to the level of experience you need. There is one DIY solar panel guide that is perfectly for both, experienced and non experienced people.

If you planning on buying a guide instead of searching for free material, which is available in the internet, you should choose from one of the following as we tested them step by step to see if they actually work. And they do help you building self made Solar panels

The other possibility is that you search the internet for free information on how to make you own solar energy.
The advantages of solar power DIY information that is free is obviously that it is free !

How ever if you have a few bucks over I would recommend one of the paid guides on self made solar panels because  not only that they come with clear step by step instructions which are easy to follow, they also have support and member forums where you can get help when you stuck in a certain step or if you are under special circumstances because there is a tree in front your house or you live in an apartment and want to know how the laws are on putting solar panels on a rented house or flat.

I personally tested the support and also the memberships (which are not necessary if you are a good handyman and know the laws) and they where really good. I was surprised how quick they answer and how precisely their answers where.

None the less we prepared a manual Section where you can find most of the information needed. How ever we are not allowed to publish any content of the paid guides because obviously we don´t own the copyrights. Also we think that these people deserve their money because they are putting really good and hard work in their products and their support, so it is only fair that they can get their expenses back. we respect the copyrights and do not publish any of their material but a few overviews for people that want to take a closer look before spending any money on them.

If you decide on buying one of the do it yourself guides on how to make solar energy, feel free to ask us for a discount, we offer them on a regularly bases. You also may join our newsletter to get important news and news inventions from the solar energy sector.


Putting solar panels on a house needs a lot of consideration points.

Solar panels are mainly used to reduce electricity bills and live more self sufficient. The last decade brought a huge impact on this topic and it has become more and more affordable to use solar power.